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St. Anthony’s Research & Education Institute

Named after St Anthony—Doctor of the Church and Patron Saint of lost things, our institute has been established to advance cures and means of prevention in critical health areas such as cancer, diabetes, arthritics, and other maladies through research and education. Not only will St Anthony’s be available to perform research projects, it will also be providing education on how to properly do research.

We feel when someone loses their health to disease, injury or ailment, it is in fact lost. Our goal is to help people find it through research and education.

Founded in Billings, Montana, in June of 2018, St Anthony’s strives to combine the knowledge and experience of our staff, with the motivational courage and innovative approaches of today to face these new challenges.

Therefore St. Anthony’s Research & Education Institute, in Billings Montana, was created with four primary purposes in mind, to:

  1.   Conduct R&D into oral substance/materials for health-related maladies;
  2.   Perform clinical research trial programs that will confirm discoveries;
  3.   Provide turn-key project research and clinical trial services to client investigators;
  4.   Offer accredited programs in the field of scientific research.

You Can Count On St. Anthony’s For:


St. Anthony’s will always strive to achieve the highest standards of professionalism, establish good relations with our clients and students to earn the trust people place in us.


Through creative ideas, unique talents, and hard work—we hope to be at the forefront of new innovation intended to aid the betterment of the human.


St. Anthony’s will always deliver its best effort and highest quality of service to those it works with.

St. Anthony’s Staff

Wendy Jones, M.S.


Professor Liliana Bordoni

Educational Designer & Director

Louis Goldstein

Finance Officer

Paul Goldstein

AR Director

Whitney Smith


Board Members

Dr. Jenson Kolaczko
Dr. Adam Rajouhl
Doug Hardy
Shane Mauritzson
Kim Golini