Contact St. Anthony’s About Your Next Product Idea.
We Have Experts Who Can Take The Guess Work Out Of:

  • Sourcing clean raw material,
  • Formulation,
  • Quality testing of the materials that you plan to use,
  • Deciding whether encapsulation, free power, or liquid is the best final form for your project,
  • Production costs,
  • And, many other questions.

Once the preliminary review, research and plan is ready to go, a client may wish to answer additional questions that were not thought of at the beginning of the project. If you find that your project now calls for a higher level of sophisticated data gathering, such as:

  • Molecular analysis,
  • Diffusion studies,
  • NMR,
  • IR,
  • NIR

These can all be addressed as well. St. Anthony’s is ready to work with you.

Contact St. Anthony’s About Your Next Product Idea

New Product – Nutraceutical Formulation

Designing a new nutraceutical formulation might, at first glance, seem as simple as preparing to bake a cake. You know what you’re expecting to happen so you may intuitively add ingredients to support the task. This is a recipe which can leave you with a lot of unknowns and a possible failure. Before anyone places the first grain of material in a mixing bowl, several very important questions must be answered.

Let St. Anthony’s assist you in formulating your next product, or designing you new device.

St. Anthony’s key personal will listen to your ideas, use the resources at its disposal, research and generate a report, outlining the already known functions/ uses of the material you intend to create your new product with.

Our researchers will look at the feasibility of what you are proposing, let you know what works and what doesn’t, and help you trouble shoot your idea should you wish to go forward.

New Product – Nutraceutical Formulation

Designing A New Device

For those who wish to design a new laboratory or medically oriented device, there is a free, no-obligation consultation with St. Anthony’s to discuss what you want to achieve.

We will evaluate the feasibility of going forward with you in developing your idea before you have to commit to working with us.

Designing A New Device

Developing New Uses for Your Existing Product – Nutraceutical Formulation

If you have ever thought your product could possibly be the next best thing for what you are lacking, before taking the plunge into the unknown, give St. Anthony’s a call. Our no-cost, no-obligation first consultation will give everyone a chance to take a critical look at the material, the proposed new use and get a general feeling about the feasibility of what is being proposed.

If you decide to work with us, a significant amount of preliminary background research will be carried out to determine if the material and the use for it, that you are proposing, is feasible.

Your idea will be researched and a report generated that will give information on known uses and potential uses you may not have considered.

This information will give you the tools to make a decision on following through with your new product use project.

Developing New Uses for Your Existing Product – Nutraceutical Formulation

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